Seraphin Hakizimana in his shop

Seraphin Hakizimana was born in 1994, and is now orphaned and currently is living in the Southern Province of Rwanda.  He testifies: “I am one of the youth supported by AEE to learn masonry in vocational training for six months. After finishing, I got some work in constricting houses where I gained fifty thousand Rwandan francs. I invested this money into a small shop with the purpose of making more money which will allow me to pay my own school fees, as I have not yet finished school because of lack of finances.  I hope to realize my dreams.  



In 2016 the AEE Rwanda together with USAID in the program called Ubaka Ejo helped orphaned & vulnerable children to get school fees and materials.  These materials meant that they can attend school without worrying about how to get the necessary supplies which allows them to better focus on their studies which in turn gives them better grades.  For those who have dropped out of school and would not benefit from returning to school they were helped to learn various trades such as sowing, masonry and hairdressing After graduated most of them got a job and others are self-employed.