Aline is one of the children supported by AEE Rwanda in partnership with Help A Child’s in a project called Communities Allied to Stimulate Empowerment or CASE. She lives in Bugesera District, which is in the south of Rwanda and is 12 years old and she is in grade 6 in her first term of studies. During the recent children groups assembly, she expressed her joy about being in a children group, “I have hope for a brighter future, because I know the future is in my hands.”

After joining a children group, she learned from the community facilitators and project staff about different life skills. In sexual and reproductive health they learned about saying “No”, about HIV/AIDS, and how to avoid teenage pregnancy. They taught them about drug abuse and how to guard against it.

In addition, they also taught us about children’s rights. Through training they were able gain communication, decision-making, and problem-solving skills. They discussed values, taboos, and planning for the future. Children were to build positive relationships through cultural and recreational activities, such as arts, drama, sports, singing, dancing, and playing different games; this also taught about how to live harmoniously, being open to difference in social and cultural issues, as well as being in their own agents in changing their behaviors.

Dancing and Leanrning through activities

children groups assembly