new girls toilet

For many of us the obstacles to go to school are pretty small when compared to the problem the girls at a school in the Gicumbi district faced, their toilets falling down!  But now that a new toilet block has been built they can focus and attend school with more confidence. Under the support of AEE Rwanda in collaboration of Parents and Teachers association and community members a new toilet block has been constructed. The Principles says“because hygiene conditions are going to be improved children will stay healthy and therefore they will succeed better in class.”

the old toilet block

For the 1,300 students (70% girls) that currently attend the school the issue of old, unhygienic, unsafe with little privacy was a problem that prevented them from achieving the level of success they otherwise could achieve.  This was a particular problem for the girls and young women who struggled to use these facilities as they were worse than the boy’s toilets.  Angelique said when asked about how the old toilets made her feel said, “I felt headaches and stressed, I was unable to follow what the teachers where saying because we had not where we go to the toilet

The boy’s toilets have yet to be renovated or rebuilt and it is hoped that soon these too will be improved so the boys to can enjoy the same benefits that the girls are now enjoying.

current boys toilet