March the 8th marks the celebration of International Women’s Day, and AEE Rwanda, through CAVAP (Communities Allied against Gender-based Violence, HIV/Aids and extreme Poverty)  a program supported by Kinder Not Hoffer, celebrated the occasion in Gatsibo district where the project has been working towards the empowerment and transformation of communities of most marginalized people.

Ceremonies organized by AEE Rwanda took place in each one of the 6 sectors around Gatsibo while the main celebration was held in Remera sector in a ceremony that was graced by Hon. Julienne Kantengwa from the parliament’s chamber of deputies, Mayor Gasana Richard of Gatsibo district, national women’s council representatives and other officials from the district

Mayor Gasana Richard

Both Hon. Kantengwa and Mayor Gasana Richard commended the tremendous work that AEE Rwanda is doing in transforming the livelihoods of communities in Gatsibo district citing the self-help groups that have helped women and their families to tackles issues of poverty, conflict in households and hygiene.

Hon. Julienne Kantengwa

In her remarks, Hon Julienne who was the event’s guest of honor and representative of the women’s council in the parliament reminded the gathering that gender equality should be regarded as the complementarity between men and women, boys and girls in their respective abilities and roles exercising equal rights to opportunities such as education, inheritance, legal assistance and economic development.

Hon. Julienne urged the women to make good use of the empowerment they are given by government partners like AEE through hard work and dedicating to uplift the livelihoods of their families.

‘When gender equality is embedded with the sense of equity and complementarity that’s when a woman and a man can work together to achieve a long-lasting and sustainable development for their family and their nation.’ She said

Another member of the parliament, Sen.  Kazarwa Gertrude was in Kiziguro sector where CAVAP’s self-help groups showcased ornamental handcrafts, livestock and soaps production that came as results of participating in these groups where they save and lend money to use in small businesses that grow to solve community problems.

The same showcases were also displayed in Remera and other sectors where the event was celebrated.

4200 people are estimated to have attended the ceremonies in all the 6 sectors where AEE implements CAVAP.

Inspecting the items showcased