This is a recent story after AEE and Kindernothilfe have started and supported Self Help Groups in the south of Rwanda.

I am Cesarie Mukarushema, 54 years old, a widow with 3 children, 2 girls and a boy. I live in the Gisagara district in the Southern Province of Rwanda.

“Before I joined AEE’s Self Help Group I used to work for others without any vision, plan and target. My life was like a circle not moving forward but just going around and around. As a widowed woman, feeding my children was a big challenge. Because of the extreme poverty in which I was living my son left school. When I was wondering about my future I was afraid and was crying and hopeless.

The house she uses to store the produce

But after I joined the group I received training on things such as savings and loans management, goal setting and business mindset, and these training have completely changed my life. I took a small loan from my Self Help Group and rented land to grow rice, beans, maize and banana. Nowadays I harvest 2.5 tons of rice, 1.5 tons of beans and 2 tons of maize.

As I have received knowledge and skills about how to manage loans I took a loan from SACCO and bought a house at the centre to us a store because I know to buy crop food when there are abundant and at a low price and sell them when there is a increase in the price.

her production of produce has increased thanks to what she has learnt with AEE

These businesses generate income for me to use to satisfy the family basics needs such food, clothes, health insurance, school fees and school materials.

Cesarie and her BioGas plant which lights the house


I have a biogas used as a source of light that helping my children learn during evening. Through the Self Help Group I have achieved many things and I would like to thank AEE and its donors.