African Evangelistic Enterprise is part of the larger organization African Enterprise (AE). AE is presently operating in 10 African countries, South Africa, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Ghana, Rwanda, and the Democratic Republic of Congo. In addition to these African countries, AE is presently operating in numerous countries throughout North America, Europe, and in other regions. Although the organization’s teams reside in the named countries, their evangelistic activities and operations cover the entire continent of Africa and beyond.

African Enterprise is a Christian, international, interracial, interdenominational, and non-political organization. Its mission is to “evangelize the cities of Africa through word and deed in partnership with the church”. This mission originated in 1962 when Dr. Michael Cassidy was inspired to start an organization to reach the different regions of Africa with the message of the Gospel.

AEE Rwanda was established in 1984, with the work best being characterized in two phases, the pre-genocide period (1984-1994), and the post-genocide period (1994-present). AEE responded to the post-genocide phase by revamping existing programs and establishing different programs while staying committed with AE’s “word and deed” mission. Since the establishment of AEE more than 30 years ago, the organization has changed the lives of thousands of Rwandans while spreading the love of Christ through this great nation.

When the genocide took place in 1994, three of the seven staff members were killed including the AEE Team Leader, Israel Havugimana (after whom the guest house is now named), who was committed to peace and reconciliation in Rwanda.  A new team of staff started in August 1994, and today AEE consists of about 160 staff members working in 13 field offices throughout the country.