We at AEE are working together to evangelize this country through word and deed while in partnership with the church. Our dream is to see Rwanda becoming a country where God is honored and Rwandans are living together in peace, harmony and catering for all their basic needs. We strive to create self respect, confidence and dignity in individuals and throughout the communities of Rwanda. We are working to proactively empower those we serve through knowledge, attitude, and change. In doing so, our ministry of word and deed becomes an integrated approach of applying all aspects of community life to one’s faith.

We are working to develop a Christian leadership base in order to work on building peace and reconciliation, associated with the physical, relational, moral and spiritual dimensions of the community. Internationally AEE primarily focuses on supporting regional priorities, recognizing that when there is economic and social oppression, peace will not prevail.

We operate a range of community transformation and socio-economic development initiatives to reach the corners of the country. These include gender and child rights promotion, formal and informal education, health, nutrition, clean water and HIV/AIDS instruction. AEE works in partnership with the community to develop community institutions and build governance capacity to address the poverty in our country.

AEE has continued to prioritize community mobilization, training, advocacy and learning from programmatic interventions as a means of improving their services. In addition, we continue to work in the development of strategic networks, the flow of information on womens’ and children’s rights, lobbying, monitoring and evaluating programs.